Sunday, December 20, 2009

20th dec 2009

Oddly enough I found my self writing again,
I really don't know what to write but there is this blog post Lynn Ei want me to read is still on my mind
In the blog post the writer present the mindset of the average Engineering graduate from Myanmar who work outside on Burmese Politics with herself as the reference.

Interestingly although she write in Burmese , most of the readers (who make comments) don't get her message. They only focus on one or two passages and based on that they form opinions about her. Why is this happen? Is her writing skills terrible? Or the readers Burmese language are so lousy? None of these seems to be the case but almost all the comments are based on these wrong opinion about the writer's view on Burmese politics. My be the topic is sensitive enough or the audience is wrong.

Although I am not sure my interpretation of her post is what she intended. I find myself agreeing with her. This make the probability of Lynn Ei's prediction that after I read this post she and I will have to argue come true. Because from what we talked I guess that Lynn Ei also don't get the message of the post.

I'll have to wait for her to return to argue later

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  1. So lately.. has Lynn Ei return for the debate?